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Unibio completes final upgrades ahead of commencement of large scale commercial phase.

Unibro_Flag.jpgDanish biotech company, Unibio, thedeveloper of an advanced technology that producesinnovative Single Cell Protein from natural gas, has confirmed it is hascompleted an important milestone forits U-Looptechnology and protein process to improve upon the efficiency in the production of its proprietary single cell protein UniProtein. As a result of this, the Group can now enable production of UniProtein in the most cost effective way thereby positioning Unibio to commence large scale commercial phase before the end of the year making it the first company to do so using this state-of-the-art technology. UniProtein provides a healthy sustainable alternative to animal feed and is comparable to high-quality LT fishmeal.

The final upgrades are related to achieving high gas transfer in its U-Loop technology leading to significant improvements in yields from the fermentation process. Unibios (@uni_bio) patented U-Loop technology provides the optimal conditions for the bacteria to grow by continuously adding oxygen, natural gas, catalysts and minerals. The natural gas (methane) is converted into a highly concentrated protein, UniProtein.

Commenting on achieving the significant milestone, Henrik Busch-Larsen, CEO of Unibio, said:We are pleased to have completed th

is significant step to our world-beating technology ahead of commencement of our commercial phase. This technology upgrade makes producing UniProtein much more efficient in terms of productivity and energy usage but also helps us maintain a significant lead over the legacy technologies.

We are on target to commence mass-scale production before the end of the year and are encouraged by the increasing number of enquiries from all around the world. As a result, we are confident of continuing on our growth trajectory and delivering the most sustainable, environmentally friendly product for use in the animal feed market” concluded Busch-Larsen.

The ambition of Unibio is to become the world market leader within protein production based on methanotrophic bacteria, partly by own production and partly by licensing the production technology to international investors wishing to establish large-scale production plants of UniProtein using the surplus gas from oil production. UniBio is also committed to the continuous development of the U-Loop technology to improve productivity.

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