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Rosie Nixon

Free bioeconomy webinars for professionals from across the value chain – aiding the speed and success in which sustainable solutions can be brought to market.

11th November: Overcoming hurdles and jumping hoops: lessons from technology and project development in the bioeconomy.

A promising test result in the lab is not yet a successful technology or project. On the path from those first experiments through to commercially producing facility, there are several hurdles that need to be overcome. Catalysts need to be developed, optimum reactor types selected and scaled-up among other challenges, but even then, there is not yet a commercially functioning technology. There are a further set of hoops to jump through going from one project phase to the next, and along all these phases the technology or project could become stalled.

This webinar will focus on these crucial steps needed to ensure project success and will bring you practical examples and Fluor case studies that turned out to be successes, and we’ll also look at some do’s and don’ts that have been encountered along the way to a positive end result. After this webinar you will appreciate that successful technology development needs to be done with the end in mind involving a diverse set of expertise to cover all bases. Technology development and project execution need to team-up to be able to take the hurdles and jump the hoops so register now to find out how!

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18th November: Robust and proven technologies for securing optimal separation in renewable and circular processes.

A successful circular economy for industry can only be achieved if we move into a future where material and chemical use is increasingly reduced and reused, where products at end-of-life are recycled back to their components and renewable resources are replacing fossil based raw materials.  New processes that enable the circular economy and transformation to a renewable-based society are constantly being developed but need robust, proven, and scalable technologies.

In this webinar, one company delivering the technology to make a circular world a reality, Alfa Laval – world leading global supplier of technology solutions for heat transfer and separation equipment applicable within this emerging industry – will guide us through some solutions.

This practical, case-study driven webinar, will give an introduction to different separation technologies and selection strategies, offer concrete examples of how separation challenges can be solved for algae, bacteria, yeast, bioplastics, pyrolysis oil, HVO pre-treatment, and sugar and lignin concentration. And will also cover recovery and reuse of wastewater through zero liquid discharge technology, which is applicable for most industries.

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25th November: Don’t waste, invest! With a successful retrofit concept, you can ensure your biodiesel plant is fit for the future!

Even the most advanced biodiesel plant will at some point no longer represents state of the art technology. Producers should therefore keep their eyes open for the latest developments and innovations to remain up-to-date in order to stay economically on top.This practically focussed webinar will address the various issues that lead to a need for retrofitting – from plant safety and energy efficiency to yield increase or greater feedstock flexibility.

Plus, it will present the latest technical solutions and concepts.Furthermore,the individual steps necessary for a successful long-term implementation – from status evaluation and pre-engineering all the way to implementation and commissioning will be discussed and different experiences are going to be presented through selected case studies.As one of the main reasons for the realization of retrofit concepts is the implementation of new feedstock streams, the future development of the raw material market for waste-based feedstocks will also be examined in detail. Register today for this webinar to learn how to make your plant more profitable and future-proof!

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3rd December: BioBridges

Details and registration link coming soon.

3rd February: LenioBio

Details and registration link coming soon.

10th February: From New Zealand to the World – the bio-logical (international) approach to making wood based chemicals a market reality

Aligning the supply and value chain is one of the greatest challenge towards developing new materials, technology and construction of a biorefinery. In this webinar Futurity will talk through their unique approach to collaboration and demonstrate the importance of bringing together key players within the value and supply chain to facilitate adoption of materials for end consumers.

Join Futurity, Sweetwater Energy, METGEN and Bio Market Insights, as we talk process optimisation and feedstock procurement, working with world leading technology suppliers and enabling application and utilisation of advanced biobased materials to outperform oil for brand owners.

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17th February: UBQ

Details and registration link coming soon.

2021: Axens #2 (title to be confirmed)

Details and registration link coming soon.

2021: Grupo Blueotter (title tbc)

Details and registration link coming soon.

2021: UPM Biofore (title to be confirmed)

Details and registration link coming soon.

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