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Luke Upton

We are determined to keep the global bioeconomy engaged and positive throughout this challenging time and are all committed to ensuring the momentum of doing better, greener business remains. In order to support our industry, we are proud to have launched WBM Connect, a high-level private community for our World Bio Markets attendees and partners. WBM Connect consists of multi-streamed content and connections, delivering the best of a live event, direct to your desk, wherever it is at the moment. Whilst our total community numbers over 55,000, WBM Connect is a highly focussed association, with only the attendees, partners and speakers of World Bio Markets entitled to join.

“I think WBM Connect is a very positive initiative and a great way to engage the bioeconomy before the live event in November. I’m looking forward to being a part of it!”Michael Krel, partner at Sofinnova Partners’ Industrial Biotechnology team.


A series of broadcasts led by World Bio Markets speakers bring insights, debate and best practice plus direct engagement with fellow bio-economy professionals around the world. Each highly focussed one-hour broadcast features four speakers dialling in and presenting before we open to questions from our global audience and a discussion led by one of the Bio Market Insights editorial team.  Viewers are also be able to contribute by voting in live polls and surveys.


Members of WBM Connect also have access to our online networking platform, providing the opportunity to connect directly fellow members and set up phone calls.


If you can’t watch the broadcasts live, then an ‘on-demand’ video is available post-broadcast alongside a report highlighting some of main discussion points.  These are available in the library of the networking platform, in addition to exclusive editorial content, interviews and the opportunity to be the first to read our Quarterly magazine and white papers – a powerful resource hub showcasing the very best of the bioeconomy.

“A great approach perfectly dealing with the current challenges” – Vera Essman, New Technologies R&D Manager at Covestro.

BROADCAST CALENDAR – all broadacst at 6AM (PDT), 9AM (EDT), 2PM (BST), 3PM (CEST) and on-demand.

  • Mega trends – a snapshot of the bioeconomy in 2020. 29th April (Presenters include Neste, Material Innovations Initiative and the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund) 
  • Scale Up 1: Alternative Feedstocks and waste streams – powering the bioeconomy 20th May. (Presenters include MetGen, CENER, Sugar Delta and DeSmet) 
  • Sustainable Brands 1: Greening your SupplyChain – overcoming key challenges 10th June (Presenters include BioBean, Croda, Covestro and Empower) 
  • Markets 1: Better industry applications from bio-based solutions. 1st July (Presenters include FaterSmart, DuPont and VTT) 
  • Finance and investments –what’s right for you? 22nd July (Presenters include Soffinova and Capricorn) 
  • Sustainable Brands 2: Circular Economy and the role of the bioeconomy in making products more sustainable. 19th August (Presenters include UBQ and Stahl) 
  • Scale Up 2: Biorefineries – selecting the correct model and partners for success 16th September (Presenters include Axens and Reliance) 
  • Markets 2: The next generation of sustainable and biobased materials and textiles. 14th October.(Presenters include Arkema, Modern Meadow and Checkerspot) 

To access all the benefits of the WBM Connect community , you must be registered for the upcoming World Bio Markets. Contact us to learn more: Alex Williamson, CEO and Co-Founder +44 (0) 7738 701253 / Alex@BioMarketInsights.com or Luke Upton, Editor and Co-Founder + 44 (0) 7856 831674 / Luke@BioMarketInsights.com

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