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Wood fibre + bio-plastic = 98% bio-based kitchen products from Orthex and Stora Enso.

Wood fibre and bio-plastic combine for 98% bio-based kitchen products from from Orthex and Stora Enso (picture courtesy of Orthex Group)Renewable solutions provider Stora Enso and the leading Nordic producer of household products Orthex Group have allied to make cooking just a little more bio-based. Together they have brought to market a new range of kitchen utensils made from a bio-composite which combines the best qualities of wood and plastic. The bio-based material used to replace fossil-based plastic is made from spruce and sugarcane, which reduces the carbon footprint of the products by up to 80%. The innovative products contain 98% bio-based material. As regularly reported on our pages, Finland is a leader in innovative bio and recycling materials, and their forest industry has developed wood-based materials to replace fossil raw materials. Both Stora Enso and Orthex believe in the global growth of the market for bio-based products an economy that creates opportunities for both raw material suppliers and consumer product manufacturers.

The bio-composite used in the new products comes from Stora Ensos Hylte Mill in Sweden. The DuraSense by Stora Enso (@storaenso)biocomposites are produced from spruce and pine from sustainably managed and certified Swedish forests.

The Stora Enso biocomposite is a new innovative raw material which helps create the desired properties in the products. The wood used in the bio-composite is obtained from side streams of wood products and pulp production, which means that the wood material is utilised optimally, says Patricia Oddshammar, Head of Biocomposites atStora Enso.

Orthex (@OrthexGroup)has strong traditions in the manufacture and marketing of household products, dating back to 1914, with their products are sold in the largest daily consumer goods chains in the Nordic countries and in more than 40 countries around the world.

The properties of the new products made from wood-based materials correspond to those of similar plastic utensils: the products are hard, durable, hygienic and dishwasher-safe. The wood contained in the biocomposite makes the material stronger and harder. We are now launching nine GastroMax BIO products made of bio-based materials for the home kitchens. In their product group, products that contain 98% bio materials are uniquely innovative,OrthexCEO Alexander Rosenlew says.

The majority of the non-renewable materials used today can be replaced by bio-composite granules, i.e. renewable wood.

With the help of biocomposites, Stora Enso can expand to new markets and industries traditionally dominated by plastics. The DuraSense bio-composite is the perfect material for furniture, pallets, tools and car furnishing as well as for various consumer products from toys, tooth brushes, beauty and lifestyle products to kitchen utensils, garden furniture and disposable cutlery, Oddshammar says.

The DuraSense bio-composite enables combining wood fibres with recycled or bio-based polymers. In Orthexs new GastroMax BIO products, wood fibre is blended with sugarcane. Depending on the product, the bio-composite combined with bio-plastics used as a raw material may reduce the carbon footprint of the product by up to 80% in comparison with virgin plastics.

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