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World Bio Markets Outlook 2020: Kaya Kaplancali from Bioserie.

Any product that can be made from oil can theoretically be made from biomass. Toys are no exception. And, plant-based toy specialist Bioserie has big plans for this year in pushing forward with its bio-based product development.

Here, Bio Market Insights’ Liz Gyekye, Kaya Kaplancali co-founder and COO at plant-based toy specialist Bioserie (@bioserie).

What will be your company’s main focus for 2020?

Due to our recognition in the bioplastics industry we have been receiving inquiries from several large companies who are accelerating their plans to transition some of their products and components from conventional plastics into bioplastics. We will be diversifying into working with such established brands and companies (both inside and outside the toy industry) by leveraging our bioplastics materials and manufacturing technology. We’re already developing a few relationships to design and manufacture bioplastic products and components using our proprietary bioplastics technology.

What are the biggest challenges facing the bioeconomy sector in regards to:

Bio-based toys:

Although interest in renewable/ bio-based materials and negative publicity on plastics pollution seem to be getting more traction with mainstream consumers, awareness about bioplastics is still very low. Misconceptions about biodegradability, compostability and other bioplastic-related matters still persist. Furthermore, due to relatively higher cost of bioplastic raw materials, gaining sales traction in consumer space for bio-based toys is still a challenge.

Circular economy:

Although circular economy concepts and related arguments are becoming more popular – or more fashionable – in some circles, we fear that mainstream public understanding and acceptance of circular economy concepts remain elusive. Despite honest efforts from many public and private institutions, coherent and easily digestible information for the general public remains rare. Circular economy concepts and its vision need to be recognised and accepted by the public, otherwise it risks remaining an academic pursuit and a corporate PR fad for more years to come.

How will Bioserie respond to those challenges and market challenges?

We will maintain our marketing communication to consumers so it is coherent and easily understandable. When making comparisons between oil-based plastics and plant-based plastics, we are putting more emphasis on toxicity to humans and to the environment. As a company we’re working on generating more revenue streams using our proprietary technology so that we’re less dependent on our branded bioplastic toy business.

What are the biggest opportunities for your business?

From an optimistic point of view, there is an enormous upside when mainstream brands and industries transition to bio-based materials and the circular economy. Rather than staying in a single track of bioplastic baby toys we will use our own technology and expertise to partner with like-minded brands and companies so we can accelerate the adoption of bioplastics in both industry and consumer spaces.

What one thing would you like the bio-based industry to do better and why?

Communications to consumers and to the mainstream public. Without consumer buy-in it is not possible to move the needle from its current undeserved dismal position. Communicate the vision and the urgency. Touch the hearts of consumers, their minds are too confused and polluted.

If you want to read more about what is going to be hot for the bioeconomy this year, please download our World Bio Markets 2020 Outlook for more interesting stakeholder views.

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