The World Bio Markets Outlook 2020

Luke Upton

In an emerging industry like ours, it can be hard to gain clarity and insight on the key trends and business drivers that are shaping the commercial growth of the bio-economy.

So, in response to this, we are proud to launch a new resource for our industry – The World Bio Markets Outlook 2020. And being a contributor or partner to it, will give your message an unprecedented reach into the bioeconomy.

This publication will have a focus on three key areas:

  • Data: the numbers you need to build business cases, launch products and change the way your organisation operates.
  • Insights: we speak to the industry directly to find out what they are focussing on in 2020, where the challenges are and what the industry can do better to support growth.
  • Inspiration: some of the leading bio-economy success stories from 2019, how they were executed and what learnings you can take for your own plans for next year.

Whilst our industry reports are only downloadable via a form, this guide, as its relevant to all of our community, will be sent direct to our 50,000+ community and host on Bio Market Insights for a full twelve months ensure a large readership.

How can you get involved?

  • Gain a wider audience for your intelligence and research.
  • Mark yourself out as a thought leader with your opinion and give us your insights into the year ahead.
  • Position your company as one that can help solve the bio-economy’s biggest

Interested in being a part of this? Then contact us today and let’s get planning.

E-mail the editor, or fill in the below form. 

Deadline for content and adverts: Wednesday 20th November

Published: Wednesday 4th December.

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